Circus Train, the radiant Los Angeles based rock band formed in the early 1990’s, released their original songs on CD in 1999, and played for years in the LA basin & Inland Empire of Southern California.  The music can be described as traditional rock with introspective lyrics, and inspired instrumental improvisations… It is a unique blend of rock, blues and folk elements.

Original Band members:

Robert Balow – Guitar, Space

G. Zenny Barlough – Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Space

Moon Otter – Background Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Space

Tom Strickfaden – Bass, Space

The Album and singles are now available on iTunes and hundreds of download sites. Streaming is available at Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play.  The CD’s available at Amazon.com.

We are forever grateful for the contributions of our brothers, Moon Otter, and Robert Balow

for their incredible Spirits and heartfelt effort in creating this music.  

We miss you so much,

and know you are always close by in Loving support.

All songs written by Circus Train.  Lyrics by G. Zenny Barlough. 

Original Circus Train logo and artwork by Moon Otter.  

Fractal designs by Tom Strickfaden.  

C D   R E V I E W